7 Highly Effective Ways to Improve Your Blog

  • By Varun Tyagi
Owing to the boom of content and influencer marketing in the digital age, blogging has seen a rise in popularity as a full time career in the last few years. Successful bloggers are sought after entities by brands these days, because of their online social influence and expertise niches. Most of these successful bloggers have developed a cult following over the years, while some have come up and quick in the last couple of years. With the growing demand for truly influential bloggers, it becomes imperative to know different ways to improve your blog that stands out of the content clutter. So, it does not matter if your blog is new or a popular one (though it is always better to have a popular blog!), there is always a chance to improve it further. So, here’s a quick guide that will help you take your blog to the next level of awesome!

How to Improve Your Blog?

Keep Your Site Secure (Beware From all the Viruses!)

Surprisingly, this is one of the aspects that most bloggers often ignore.  Think of a secure website as the seatbelt or helmet for your blog and the internet as a very busy highway with many rash drivers. A single lapse in security can prove to be very costly for your website! If the plugins are not secure on your website then malicious hackers can easily get their hands on your valuable personal and online social information. Hackers can also damage the data which is present on your blogs. Therefore, it is also advisable to take suitable backups of your website.

 Do not Ignore Social Media (It’s as Faithful and Rewarding as Your Dog)

Anybody trying to be somebody cannot ignore the importance of social media. Social media has become a source for income for many bloggers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a food blogger or a fashion blogger but the fact that a well-maintained social media profile can be a game changer for your blog cannot be denied. Today, Facebook is catering to more than 20 million small businesses around the world & other social media platforms are also boasting similar numbers. However, social media is not a ‘one size fits all’ place. Hit and trial is the name of the game here, and you’d be wiser to understand and identify the platforms that will work for you better than the rest. Give each social media platform a try & you can see what works better for you. You would be amazed to see the wonders that social media can do for you.

 Avoid Google Penalty (Remember, Don’t be Evil!)

If you want to avoid Google penalty then you must remove all the links which can cause spam from your website. If you are finding it difficult to remove spam & cookies, you can always reach out to the Google team. Ensure that you are aware of all the Google’s rules and regulations on spam . You should also keep track of all your affiliated associations. The website which you have used for affiliation should always work beyond the income you earn.

Upgrade Your Site to the New Technology (Don’t Live Under a Rock)

Setting up a blog is a child’s play these days, but to truly stand out from the crowd, you will need much more than a ready-to-use template with a standard URL . Move away from the basic templates that include a PHP WordPress setting & an HTML layout. These ready-to-use templates are for amateur bloggers, and professional bloggers use every possible trick in the book to customize their blog to suit their writing style, category, audience, and other parameters. Blogs have come a long way from just being a journal, and these days one can even use script settings for GIFs & vlogging (video blogging). Remember, it is always better to invest in a blog keeping in mind your long term objectives. A well-designed blog will also have a positive impact on your website quality in Google search, making your blog rank higher in search results. The metrics would also work in your favor when your pages are technically upgraded.

 Keep Your Website Legit (My Name Is…?)

Let’s face the truth – nobody loves click baits. Never ever trick readers to take some action, as that will only hamper your blog’s reputation. Readers are smart these days, and call out BS on something as soon as they see it. Google also keeps this in mind and to optimize it’s users’ experience, uses an algorithm that hinders sites with irrelevant content from showing up in search results. When it comes to building a reputable and noteworthy blog, shortcut techniques such as “bake-off” won't find you any actual readers or followers. Remember, you are in this for the long term and hence it is important to have a sincere and objective vision for it. Duplicating content is also a strict no-no. Duplicate content doesn’t sit really well with search engines like Google, and more importantly you can also find yourself at the end of a lawsuit. Your focus should be on creating a genuine and unique identity for yourself, for your blog & your business. It is one of the most important ways to improve your blog.

 Write Headlines which are Interesting (Something to Learn from the Newspapers Here!)

You catch bees with the help of honey. Similarly, you can drive readers to your blog with the help of interesting and curiosity-generating headlines. You can only use less than 70 characters to inform, create a hook, and promise your reader that reading your article would be worth their time. Your headlines should be succinct but clear, and should not make a reader guess about the content of the article.

Use Pictures in Your Post (Don’t Ignore the Power of Visual Story Telling)

Visual content gets more hit than the normal posts. This works for Facebook, Twitter plus for your corporate blog. If a reader will have to scroll & read the text in your page (you are the risk of losing them). You can use slideshows at the start of your page which will provide a chance for the users to see your post.

2017: The Year When You Will Improve Your Blog

There are lots of plugins & blogging tools which come in handy to improve your blog. You should try to bring a change & implement these ways to improve your blog. Did you like these tactics? If yes, then click on subscribe button for more interesting latest trends.  

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