20 Best Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

  • By Varun Tyagi

Have you ever heard the term “vlogging”? You might have when you are sitting next to your friend and he mentions that video is the new content. And my friend, he is right because YouTube currently leads the platform for video-blogging and video marketing. It is a free platform and everyone loves it.

If you have a YouTube channel then you must be wondering how to increase subscribers for the channel and how to easily reach out to millions of viewers.

Taking a look at the stats, YouTube has more than a billion daily visitors providing an enormous audience for every content publisher. Whether you are a comedian, tech advisor or a mimic artist, YouTube provides a platform to everyone.

20 Best Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

You must be having the resolution in New Year to tweak your YouTube channel. So, if you are serious about rebuilding your YouTube channel, take a look at 20 best ways to grow your YouTube channel subscribers.

After a lot of research and collaboration with fellow YouTubers, I came up with few ways to get more subscribers on YouTube (without creating a burden on your friends).

Create a script for your videos

Source: YouTube

A video tends to come out much better if done with a prepared script and it also helps you to organize and shoot your videos without hassles. Having a script helps you maintain consistency and accuracy throughout the video. Scripted videos look more professional and hence have higher engagement rates with the audience.

You will have to include plenty of details to your video script (which can include the dialogues, actions between the video, etc).

Create engaging content

Source: Familyshare.com

Create content that is informative, entertaining and engaging. Videos that lose the plot in the middle do not make for engaging content, and increase the chances of your subscribers leaving your channel for a more engaging one. Create and upload videos that are informative and entertaining, making the viewer click that coveted subscribe button.

There are two types of videos which will get you the subscribers: evergreen and burst videos. Burst videos will be trending for a limited amount of time, will get you hits but then will fade away as time passes by.

Evergreen videos will get you archived views and will remain relevant irrespective of the time. Do make sure that your videos are engaging and generating value to the audience.

Upload videos regularly

Source: Statisticbrain

Easier said than done. The main reason when someone clicks on the “subscribe button” is because they praise the work of an uploader and will like to see more videos from them. Subscribers do not love channels that do not upload regularly. Being consistent is the key to developing a lasting relationship with the subscriber. Release your videos in a planned fashion. Try to upload a video once in a week.

Make a schedule and never upload videos when you feel like uploading them. As far as possible, stick to your schedule and upload your videos properly.

Create a unique identity

This is also the main key for your YouTube success. If you will stay distinguishable you will get the views your channel requires. Keep curiosity in your videos while keeping the offbeat titles.

Keep an eye on staying SEO worthy to grab more eyeballs. The trick is to use high-traffic keywords in your title. You can use Google AdWords to recognize what is trending and get an idea of how to include that in your content and title. Limit the length of the YouTube title (your ideal title has to be less than 50 characters).

Customize your channel

Source: wiredimpact.com

To make your subscribers trust you, use the customization options that YouTube has to offer. Being visually appealing helps establish the identity of your vlog and it is the best way to put your efforts in a more organized way.

Customize your YouTube channel bio and add a custom URL to complete your channel customizations. Try a custom personal background header which will include elements of the blog. Keep your bio short and to the point.

Personalize your video thumbnails

Source: YouTube

A tactic that every YouTuber will agree works well. Create a custom thumbnail for your video instead of the auto-generated random thumbnails.

Using custom thumbnails increases the click through rate for videos. A video thumbnail with a minor annotation will provide a hint to the visitors about the video. You can choose the thumbnail from three intervals: one at 1/4th mark, second at 1/2 mark and other at 3/4th mark. Choose the one which fits better with your video.

Produce a smashing channel trailer

Channel trailer is a great tactic to get more visitors coming to you. YouTube has a feature called channel trailers which allows you to play the trailer upon the opening of channel URL. An ideal channel trailer should be between 30 to 60 seconds.

Try “call to action” annotations

Source: digitalmarketer

You might have come across popups in the videos which might seem annoying at times. However, if used appropriately, these annotations can generate lots of subscribers by making the visitors click relevant links.

Many YouTubers have reported an increase in channel subscriptions when annotations are added to their video. You will have to create a link for channel subscription which can be used in the video as a call to action to get more subscriptions.

Use of subscribe buttons in your blog

Source: shoutmeloud

It makes a lot of sense and there is no point of not using it. YouTube allows the user to link their official page. In the channel settings of your YouTube page simply add website’s URL to link your own channel. You should also add your website’s URL in the channel description. Likewise, add “subscribe” buttons to your blog to get more traffic to your blog.

Keep videos under 2 minutes

Source: socialbakers

Plenty of videos on YouTube have detailed review, but the converted videos are the ones which are under 5 minutes in length. A report from ComScore in January 2014 revealed that average length of many YouTube videos was around 4.4 minutes. For those who are getting started, this is a golden rule to follow. Once you have built a fan base you can easily experiment with the length of your videos (and check the reaction of audiences). Keep your video short, informative and basically under 5 minutes.

Take the help of YouTube Intro and Outro

YouTube Intro and Outro helps in branding and making your video interesting. If your intro is appealing then it can get visitors hooked to your video. Intro and Outro will make branding easier.

Edit, edit and edit your videos

Source: YouTube

Every well-known photographer, writer, songwriter has ten rejected drafts for the same thing. This goes with every type of editing. Edit your videos like it is your last video and make sure that only the best copy gets published.

If you make decisions in haste and post videos without any planning then it will hurt your channel and your brand as well. Get the right tools for editing to make it easier for yourselves.

Optimize video descriptions

Source: tubularinsights

Do not ignore the SEO part of YouTube videos. There is an area known as video description which will help in getting your video appear in search engines in addition to providing viewers a description about your video.

Include your main keywords and do not overuse them for the SEO purpose. You will have to keep the density of the keywords in limit meaning keeping your description natural.

Increase the use of meta tags

Source: 7figureautomation

Add all the relevant keywords to your videos which are discoverable in both YouTube and Google search engines. There is no point in overdoing the keywords. Do your research about YouTube Meta tags to get an understanding of how it works. Just think of every possible keyword which is relevant and add them to the video.

Metadata plays a key role in making your videos displayed in the search results. You can also check your rival and see what Meta tags they are using.

Finish your videos on a high

Whatever does your video contain do make sure that you end your videos in a possible best way. You can ask for a subscription and a like (if you don’t ask then the answer would always be a no). Finish your video with a smile and keep your visitors craving for more.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Source: YouTube

Collaborating on YouTube is common among best content creators. Collaborating on YouTube will provide you with many benefits. Just make sure that you reach out to similar people in your respective field (you can also ask them to collaborate on some interesting thing). You will also have a loyal fan base which will allow you to find new followers.

Relate with your fan base

Interact with your audience if possible and also listen to their requests in the comments section of videos. You may also face some harsh comments about your views but ignore that part and listen to your fan base. Reply to the comments when possible.

Start Giveaways and challenges

Source: YouTube

Who doesn’t like giveaways? You will have to give something to the audience in return for engagement, subscribers, following and build-up of your YouTube channel.

A free giveaway or contest will give you an initial base to get it started and also make it grow further. Popular fashion or tech items can be used for hosting giveaways on your channel.

Cross-platform publicity is must

Source blog.kissmetrics.com

You must stay active on multiple social media platforms so that you are easily discoverable. You will have to create profiles on platforms such as Google +, Pinterest, Facebook and many more. Make a plan to share content on social media platforms at a planned time.

Do hard work for first 1000 subscribers

Source: YouTube

Make an aggressive strategy to get plenty of subscribers; it should be the same to get 500 or 1000 subscribers. You will have to promote your content on social media with the help of maximum resources. Share with your friends and ask for a subscription if they are interested.


Always keep exploring and experimenting. What works for others might not work for you. So you should always keep looking for new things. Making something great on YouTube takes a lot of time and efforts to get all the benefits.

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