7 ways how to get influencers to share your content: Qoruz

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest strategies today, which signifies that there are plenty of marketers out there looking to build mutual relationships. In this post, you can check out seven steps to get influencers to share your content.

7 Ways to Get Influencers to Share Your Content

Share Influencers content

Sharing the influencer’s content is a simple way of grabbing their attention. You have to determine which platforms they are active on and focus your efforts on those particular platforms. You can check their social pages which will make it easier for you to view and share their content.

Add a personal touch to things by modifying a tweet and saying something good about the tweet. Another thing you can do is to tag the influencer in your tweet, this increases the chance of them seeing it.

Contribute to Influencers’ blog

If the influencer hasn’t noticed you till now, they will if you contact them for a guest post on their blog. Check their websites if they have posted guest submission guidelines and contact them regarding the guest post. But if they don’t have guest post guidelines then reach out to them with an email, requesting to contribute.

Be sure to include:

  • What you do and who are you
  • A detailed pitch of what you’d like to write
  • How their audience would get benefit from this

Write stunning content

It’s beneficial to engage with influencers and pitching a guest post is a helpful way to build a relationship with the influencer. Now that influencers are interested in sharing your content, the next step is to write amazing content and you should keep in mind that quality always trumps quantity.

This research by Buzzsumo and Moz found that the internet lacks quality content, which is why when it gets appears it gets a lot of engagement. So, write an original piece of content as influencers won’t be interested in sharing the rewrites of other people’s work.

Mention Influencers in your content

Another way to get an influencer’s attention is by featuring them in your article – especially when you are not able to manage a guest post with them. It can be something as simple as highlighting their positive attributes. If it’s high-quality content, they would love to share it. Mentioning an influencer in your article is a great strategy – basically for new relationships.

Comment on their blog

Engaging with the influencer on their blog is a great way to associate with them – especially if they respond to comments actively. Say something insightful about the post which will inspire others to engage. Make sure to use your real name.

Tell them about your content

Social media is a crowded arena, even if an influencer is interested in your content, there is no assurance that they will find and read it on their own. It’s your job to make them read your content. If you feature them in a post, send them an email about it.

I would recommend you tag them when you share the post on Twitter. Just make sure that the post is relevant to them and their audience – otherwise, it will seem like you are looking for shares.

Ask Influencers to share

There are many ways to encourage someone to share your content indirectly. If you wrote great content and have built a relationship with the influencer and have constantly shared their content, there is no reason that they won’t be willing to share content unless they don’t want to associate with you at all.  

Send them an email telling them about the post you can use a call to action technique and ask them to share. If that’s the case then it is better to target other users

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