Top 10 tech Bloggers In India – Qoruz

Are you passionate about technology? Are you always looking for new tech updates? For all you technology buffs out there, we have compiled a definitive list of India’s top tech bloggers whom you should follow for your regular dosage of tech trivia. The list has been arranged in the increasing order of their Qoruz blog score, a unique score that takes into account multiple factors such as monthly traffic on the blog, social media followers, audience engagement via comments, content relevance, and frequency of posts and more. Here are the top technology bloggers in India:

Top 10 Tech Bloggers In India

Tech Lila

Established in 2012, TechLila is a blog for all the tech tips and tricks. This is an encyclopedia for up to the minute technological news. It provides you with How-To guides and insights into this niche landscape. This tech blog also accepts technology relevant blog posts from guest authors.

RootUpdate– Harsh Chauhan

This tech blogger updates you with all the news about Android, IOS, OSX, and every latest tech hack which you may like to know. These posts are written in such a manner that even beginners can catch a great hold of the subject with ease.

Indezine – Geetesh Bajaj

Indezine is a perfect PowerPoint platform with articles, tutorials, latest news, blogs, and templates for Microsoft PowerPoint and other trending presentation software. This blog is founded by Tech Blogger Geetesh Bajaj.

9 lessons – Srinivas Tamada

This tech blogger is for anyone who is ardent about programming. On this blog, Srinivas posts comprehensive tutorials on various basis of programming. The topics covered on his blog are CSS, Web Design, jQuery AJAX, etc.

TechPP – Raju PP

The Mastermind behind this blog is Raju PP. He was listed amongst 151 Top Tech Indians by Exhibit magazine in May 2011. He is one of the top tech bloggers in India with a focus on personal and consumer technology including gadgets and web tools.

Computerera – Nallamothu Sridhar

This blog is a one-stop shop with all the how-to guides, New gadgets news with the sole purpose to educate people in the area of technology. The Telugu version of the blog is also available which is very popular down south.

Guiding Tech – Abhijeet Mukherjee

Guiding Tech publishes inventive, in-depth experience stories and guides on consumer tech, science, and culture. This blog was founded by tech blogger Abhijeet Mukherjee who is a well-known web publisher since 2008.

AndroidHive – Ravi Tamada

Founded by Tech blogger Rajesh Tamada, AndroidHive is an independent online publication that covers all the android programming tutorials, app reviews, and more. It is known for its user-friendly content which is useful for rookies as well as veterans.

Labnol – Amit Agarwal 

Amit Agarwal is the owner of Labnol. He quit his job to become India’s first professional Tech blogger. The blog mainly focuses on social media-based technology plus the blog provides you with the latest updates from Apple, Google, WordPress, etc.

ShoutMeLoud – Harsh Agarwal

This blog has close to 1 million subscribers; ShoutMeLoud is ‘the blog’ for bloggers. What started with sheer passion has now become an endearing profession for the founder of the blog. The blog provides insights, updates, tech tips, and tricks for new bloggers who are keen on taking up blogging as a profession.

So, this was the list of top tech bloggers in India. If we’ve missed any bloggers, you can mention them in the comments section below.