Top 5 Influencer Marketing Tools to Find Influencers in Your Industry

  • By Prabakaran

As the internet becomes an increasingly significant part of daily life, consumers evolved in their approach towards branded and promotional content.

They are now more aware and have greater access to information to help them make smarter purchasing decisions. This shift in consumer behaviour has also altered the way influencer marketing is done.

Influencers today hold the trust of their audience and treat it with care. This means they are extra careful when it comes to promoting a brand or product; ensuring it isn’t too divergent from their content or.

Similarly, as a marketer, your first step should be to find the right social media influencers to help you reach your objectives. Irrespective of your industry, there are numerous influencers you can get in touch with, but finding the right one is a different matter entirely.

You can search for them manually on social media channels on the basis of hashtags and topics but it can be a time-consuming, laboursome process.

You may ask: How can I simplify my influencer search? 

Using an influencer software or platform with robust search and analytics features can cut significant time and find you the best influencers for your goals in one go. 

Not to mention end-to-end platforms take it a step further by allowing you to plan, launch, and monitor campaigns from one place. The advantages are endless.

Benefits of Using Influencer Marketing Tools

The major benefit of using influencer marketing tools for finding influencers is that they not only save your time but provide a plethora of data you can use to evaluate influencers. You no longer need to spend hours searching, compiling, and comparing influencer metrics. 

A well-designed software can do the heavy-lifting once you enter your search parameters and provide you a list of influencers, along with their performance data, in seconds. 

All you need to do then is choose.

And that’s not all.

Some influencer marketing tools come with end-to-end features to help you set up and launch your campaigns from start to finish

These influencer marketing tools also help you analyse the performance of your campaign and optimize them if needed.

There are many such tools in the market that offer influencer search features. In order to help you choose the best one for your objectives, we have compiled a list of the 5 best alternatives for finding the right influencers.

Top Influencer Marketing Tools For Finding Influencers

This list was formulated purely on the basis of how well an influencer marketing tool searches and finds influencers for marketers. 

We took into consideration the depth of data on each influencer, the unique features that help when evaluating influencers, and the quality of the influencer database itself.

1) Upfluence

If you are searching for a complete package to manage your influencer marketing needs, Upfluence is a great option. From searching the right influencers to handling your campaigns and measuring the performance, this well-designed tool does multiple things well.

Robust Influencer Search

Upfluence helps you find numerous influencers across social networking platforms using filters such as advanced keyword combinations, social network metrics, language, and location. 

The only drawback is the limited database of Indian influencers, especially compared to platforms such as Qoruz and Traackr.

In-app Influencer Coordination

With the help of a customizable influencer relationship management dashboard, you can keep track of all your campaign communications. Upfluence also has useful features such as in-app emails, approval options, brief editing, payment integration that help you run a smooth campaign.

2) Qoruz

An end-to-end influencer marketing software, Qoruz specializes in providing highly accurate, AI-powered influencer data to maximize campaign ROIs. The main features that stand out are its vast database, accuracy of data collection, and campaign tracking features.

Largest Database of Indian Influencers

Search from over 300,000 Indian influencers using a wide range of parameters such as category, past brand associations, keyword, audience demographics, engagement metrics and much more across multiple social networking channels.

AI-powered Influencer Insights

Get detailed influencer metrics such as content affinity, engagement rates, follower growth rate, audience information and more to evaluate influencers more thoroughly. You can even check an influencer’s past brand associations to choose whether or not to work with them.

Direct Access to Influencer Contact Details

Gain access to an influencer’s or their manager’s contact details directly from their Qoruz profile. Once you have created a plan and selected influencers, you can share the campaign brief and deliverables straight from the app.

Qoruz Score

Qoruz has its own scoring system to evaluate influencers based on their performance on a platform. The Qoruz Score is a percentile-based scoring calculated on the basis of growth patterns, follower count, and engagement metrics, all in varying weightages, of an influencer’s profile.

3) AspireIQ

For high-quality strategic services and cutting-edge technology and become an expert in influencer marketing, this platform is the go-to-option.

Seamless Influencer Interactions

AspireIQ simplifies the process of contacting and communicating with influencers with their automated workflow which adapts to your requirements right from initial connection to content approval to payments.

Customizable Influencer Search

AspireIQ helps you analyse influencers who share similar values as your brand through keyword and content filters. You can narrow down your search by specifying average likes, follower counts, influencer audience information and more.

But like Upfluence, AspireIQ has a limited database of Indian influencers compared to platforms such as Qoruz and Traackr.

Tech-powered Social Listening

AspireIQ’s social listening algorithm helps you track brand mentions and prepare a list of the same. Using this watchlist, you can gain insight into the social activity of your competitors and the influencers they work with.

4) Traackr

Traackr is a great tool for finding influencers in your niche. The platform also helps you plan campaigns right from exploring influencers to launching and monitoring your campaign.

Simplified Influencer Discovery

Traackr, while being a complete influencer marketing software, specialises in influencer search. Filter your search based on influencer content, audience, location, gender and many more to find your ideal influencers.

360° View of an Influencer’s Social Presence

Take advantage of full access to an influencer’s past data and content of up to 2.5 years to accurately analyse their performance and content quality with detailed audience insights regarding demographics, brand affinities, and more.

Ensure Brand Safety

Traackr helps you collaborate with influencers who possess similar interests as your brand. At the same time, it performs brand safety checks when you describe topics during the search by evaluating the influencer’s content to analyze brand risk. 

5) HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a well-rounded influencer marketing platform that specializes in providing influencer info on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Collaborate with Influencers from your Niche

With a database of more than 11 million influencers, HypeAuditor offers you a wide selection of influencers to fulfill your marketing needs. 

In terms of influencer search, you can use filters such as location, age, language, category and gender. You can also search based on audiences using filters such as audience age, gender, and location.

Ensure Brand Safety

This tool also allows you to apply a brand mention filter when searching for influencers to see if they have worked with other brands. Useful for finding influencers specializing in an industry or avoiding those who have collaborated with your competitors.

Find The ‘Right’ Influencer

A well-planned influencer marketing strategy can significantly increase your ROI. But it can fall short if you don’t have access to the right influencers who can help you reach your goals while increasing your brand’s value.

The ‘Right’ Influencer is not easy to find. As each brand’s goals vary, so does the ‘right’ influencer for that brand. 

But there are certain factors that tell you if an influencer is good at what they do. We’ve written extensively on these factors and more in our Influencer Marketing Guide.

A good influencer discovery tool should possess an extensive database of influencers and a wide range of search filters

Starting with these forming the base, you, as a marketer, should then see which influencer marketing tools further suit your goals best and choose the one that supercharges your influencer search process.

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