Top 15 Food Bloggers In India You Should Follow

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They are the most loved foodies in India, and they keep giving us many reasons to fall in love with food, again and again. Their passion for food and writing is what brings millions to their blogs. For these super foodies, there is no sincerer love than the love for food. Be it healthy diets, street food from the nook and corners of the country, home made delicacies, desserts, or quick fix cooking, these top Indian food blogs have all the content to satiate your hunger (pun intended).

So let's take a look at the best food bloggers in India. The list has been arranged in the increasing order of their Qoruz blog score, a unique score that takes into account multiple factors such as monthly traffic on blog, social media followers, audience engagement via comments, content relevance, frequency of posts and more. So here's the top 15 in India when it comes to writing about food. Read on!

Top Food Bloggers in India

Divine Taste by Anushruthi

Divine Taste is focused around sattvik food (food devoid of onions, eggs, fish, meat & wine). Vegetarians can breathe easy with this blog to their rescue, as all the recipes on the blog are for pure vegetarian food. As the name says it, this blog is purely a divine treat.

Passionate About Baking by Deeba Rajpal

Have a sweet tooth and can't get enough of a sugar rush? Welcome to Passionate About Baking by Deeba Rajpal. The blog is choc(olate)-a-bloc with amazingly delicious baking recipes. All the recipes are originally created by Deeba herself, and every dessert is to die (or maybe kill) for! Warning: The cravings and temptations after reading this blog might keep you up all night long.

Foodomania by Kavitha Ramaswamy

Kavitha started Foodomania in 2012. Foodomania takes the love of food and cooking to the average Joes and Janes. The blog has easy to follow, step by step pictorial guides on how to make a dish from start to end. Kavitha also writes on kitchen and cookery fundamentals with topics like Baking 101, Kitchen 101, etc.

Sin-a-Mon Tales by Monika

Sin-a-Mon Tales has it all - reviews, food stories, recipes and more. There is an 'Under 30 Minutes' section which is useful if you are running low on time but do not feel like compromising with your taste buds. You can also check out the 'A-Z Baking' guide which is nicely arranged. This blog does it all while maintaining its traditional Indian touch.

Saffron Trail by Nandita Iyer

This blog is a boon for health freaks. Nandita started Saffron Trail in 2006. The blog focuses on combinations of healthy and tasty dishes that can be easily cooked at home. Nandita's creativity is quite apparent when you look the kind of dishes she post about - Rocket Salad, Oats Dhokla, Chickpea and Roasted Figs to name a few. Kudos to this lady's gastronomical wizardry!

Flavors Of Mumbai by Maria

As the blog name suggests, Maria is a foodie hailing from Mumbai. Her blog is a collection of Mumbai street food recipes, Goan cuisine, eggless baking, regional recipes and simple Indian recipes. Another interesting section on her blog is 'Budget', where you will find recipes which can be prepared quickly. You can also check out low-fat section if you are looking to find some ways to shed those extra calories.

Pikturenama by Anindya

Pikutrenama is a blog by Anindya and Madhushree. The married couple goes around the world doing the things they love - travelling, making amazing food (Madhushree), and photography (Anindya). The blog features all the hotels and festivals that the couple attends, along with the recipes. Do check out this food-crazy couples escapades.

Chitras Food Book by Chitrasendhil

Chitra's blog provides recipes for everyday food, along with step by step pictorial references. You can find recipes by region as well - Tirunelveli, Kerala, North Indian recipes, etc. You can also find kids recipes list, cooking videos and a complete section dedicated only to gravies. Now that looks like some saucy stuff!

 Kannamma Cooks by Suguna Vinodh

Another blog that focuses on South Indian cuisine, Kannamma Cooks is Suguna's culinary playground. Suguna makes cooking fun and play, and her pictorial recipes are simple and easy to follow. Not just the recipes, but the blog is also a delight for every visitor. With features like 'Recipe Index', 'Search by Ingredient', and cooking videos, this Kannamma comes to the rescue of many!

Sailu's Food by Sailu

When it comes to being a kitchen veteran, Sailaja is definitely one. Her blog has been helping amateur cooks for over a decade now. Her speciality is Andhra food, that makes this blog a must visit for everyone looking to cook up authentic Andhra delicacies.

Sharmis Passions by Sharmilee

When it comes to passion for cooking, Sharmilee has surely got all her knives sharpened. From South Indian food, baby food, bakery and desserts, and festival specialities, Sharmilee doesn't shy away from putting her culinary skills on display on her blog. Her posts are simple and easy to follow and can even make an amateur feel like a top chef. Sharmilees's cooking journal also comes with step-by-step photos of her food preparations. Looks like Sharmilee is all set to spread her passion! and it is one of the best food blogs to follow in 2017.

Padhus Kitchen by Padhu

Padhu's food mantra is 'Easy to Learn, Simple to Cook'. Naturally, the main aim of this blog has been to inspire others to cook. One will find on this blog vegetarian recipes from both the southern and northern regions of India. Padhu posts about traditional recipes, day to day cooking, and festive delicacies. This blog has something for everyone and if you are new to cooking then this food blog is for you.

Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi

It is one of the oldest food blogs, and Archana has years of experience to share with her audience. Archana began to take interest in cooking at a young age, and her hard work and dedication is well manifested on this awesome blog. The blog focuses on the recipes for healthy food, and we can see by Archana's popularity on social media that she is definitely cooking something amazing in her kitchen.

Nisha Madhulika by Nisha Madhulika

She started her blog in 2007 and by 2011 she had written over 100 recipes. When you will visit her blog, you will see plenty of menu tabs such as snacks, sweets, baking, regional, etc. You can also ask questions in the Q & A tab. This blog is one of the top food blogs in Delhi.

Veg Recipes Of India by Dassana Amit

As the name says, this blog is focused on vegetarian food, from not just India but also from across the world. One will also find some baking recipes in her blog. The plethora of varieties in the recipes - from Goan, Konkan, to Hyderabadi and Punjabi - is bound to get everyone's taste buds interested. With its diverse and vast amount of food recipes, this is one of the top food blogs of India and a true testament to our rich and diverse gastronomical landscape.

Do you think we missed out on any of the top food bloggers in India? These are the best Indian food blogs 2017. Tell us more in the comments section below.

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