Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In India Worth Following

  • By Sayan

“Fashion is something that comes from within.” – Ralph Lauren

Everyone wants to dress like their favourite actor/actress and while copying them, they make simple fashion mistakes which break their whole look. You must be wondering how to solve this problem of dressing perfectly in different situations. There are two ways to solve this: hire a professional fashion designer or do it yourself.
The first way is not possible for everyone unless you are filthy rich or are a celebrity. Plus most of us cannot afford a designer which only leaves us with a choice of doing it yourself.

The best & effortless way to turn more fashionable is to follow top fashion bloggers in India. In this article you will see a list of top 10 fashion bloggers in India you must follow to get fashion tips. You will feel more confident and get familiar with the new fashion trends. Are you ready?

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers in India

Shaily Khera

Shaily Khera created “Confessionz of a Closet” in 2011 and her blog is evolving day by day. She blogs about various events, lifestyle and beauty tips. She has a section “Frankly Me” on her blog where she answers all the queries and questions of readers in a form of selfie video.

Akshita Jain & Megha Jain

The blog was launched in 2011 by Akshita & Megha Jain. Most of the fashion addicts subscribe to this blog. This blog covers most of the things which are related to certain categories such as lifestyle, design, fashion. So, basically, it is a beauty and style magazine which is always there to help you.

Shalini Mehta

Shalini Mehta is based in Mumbai as a fashion stylist who runs her blog. So, if you want to read high-quality blogs which are related to styling and fashion, this blog offers reviews, opinions, events, etc. there are three tabs in the menu which are fashion, beauty, lifestyle.

Stilettos Diary

Stilettos Diary (classy name!) is owned by Megha Varshini for people who are looking to upgrade to the latest fashion tips on a budget. The blog not only talks about fashion but it also provides “do it yourself” tutorial to help you make more fashionable.

Tanya Mahendra

Fashion Oomph is one of the best fashion blogs you will read in India. Tanya provides you with the latest fashion trends & also gives tutorials on lifestyle. The goal of this blog is to share every idea of Tanya regarding garments, street fashion and she shares even something she has seen on television.

Aayushi Bangur

Aaysuhi owns Style Drive; the blog is popular among the youth. The blog solely focuses on her fashionable journey. She is major in economics and right now her blog is the source of income for her. The design of the blog is easy to operate and clutter free and you will see current fashion trends to follow, videos, product reviews, etc.

Gia Kashyup

Gia Says That, is the name of the blog and when you want to learn about the styles of Indian fashion then you should follow this blog. The blog has more than 100,000 followers on Facebook and more loyal followers on other social media.

Shalini Chopra

Stylish by Nature is an idea of Shalini Chopra, where she shares about food and fashion. There is also a “Shop my Closet” section through which readers can buy clothes from her closet. She has also collaborated with brands such as Food Panda, UCB and PiaPauro.

Devina Malhotra

Guilty Bytes is being handled by Devina Malhotra since 2012. She is an award-winning fashion blogger by Elle India in 2014. Multitalented Devina is a baker, style blogger, and a Bollywood addict. She writes about fashion tips for women and also blogs about food & reviews of the restaurant.

Akanksha Redhu

She is the owner of this blog and started this blog in 2010 sharing fashion & lifestyle tips. Her blog post varies from food to beauty to fashion. She not only tells you about the perfect outfit you should wear but also gives you tips about trendy accessories & jewellery. So, basically, Akanksha will help you become more sophisticated without breaking your bank. This blog is a textbook destination for everyone.

Don’t wait any further and follow their blogs to get above average fashion tips. If I missed any fashion bloggers, you can mention them in the comments section.

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