Top 10 Content Marketing Trends For 2017

  • By Varun Tyagi

Nowadays, most of the brands have adopted the content marketing. Each one of them has begun with their blog while taking the advantage of content scenario. But the problem arises when the brands don’t get the desired ROI, they leave content marketing totally. A good option is to get to know your customers. Whatever the topic may be, guessing the future is always a hard task, but you can always plan ahead, which will give you a kick-start.

In digital marketing, it works like this only. It is always a nice idea to get ahead from your competition. This article will provide you with content marketing strategies.

Top 10 Content Marketing Trends For 2017

Infographics, GIFs & Memes Will Become More Mainstream in Marketing

Memes, GIFs & infographics have dominated all the social media channels for the past couple of years & it is not like that they would stop. Everyone loves humour & if you can have a little bit of wittiness in your content marketing, then it would increase interaction & a superior engagement. Infographics on the other hand is a clever way of content marketing, so if you will have a visual form of information or some data that are relevant to what you want to present is a nice way to send a message. It worked in 2015–2016 & it will still stay in fashion in 2017.

Mobile Marketing Will Continue to Rise

Everyone has a mobile phone (smartphone to be more precise). It means a simple thing makes your website mobile friendly. Follow this advice to avoid problems in near future. Users have internet in their pocket, so it is better to take advantage of this technology.

You will have to make sure that it is available to each & everyone, irrespective of the device. It is simple to follow & can easily make a cutting edge difference in 2017.

Print Media Will Hold Its Ground

Source: brandchannel

Airbnb has announced the launch of their marketing magazine which would be called Airbnb mag. The magazine will be distributed to Airbnb homes and it will consist of the content which is curated from the people who use Airbnb service.

I think more brands which will launch print magazines in the present year and print media will keep its shine intact.

Influencer Marketing Will Reach its Tipping Point

Since social media have arrived in the digital marketing, there are many brands which are connected with some key individuals to create more business. If a public figure regularly promotes your brand on social media (it sounds good, everyone would love this strategy). It also proved very effective for many companies in 2016.

Social Media Audience Will Demand More Content

There is always the need for content, but demand has increased & marketers have to produce more content to cope with the consumption. Stat: 70% of b2b marketers are looking forward to create more content in comparison to 2016 & 25% of these marketers will retain the same amount.

It doesn’t mean that the quantity will overtake the quality. It is important to create content, but it should always be aligned with the ROI & marketing goals.

Source: CMI

Content Marketing Will be All About Effectiveness

Content marketing is a challenging task; it is all about finding a proper link between value & ROI. The market for content marketing will increase so will the ways for finding a right solution. The trend always changes from year to year for content marketing & the effectiveness would be understood as we learn more about content marketing.


Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality Will Become More Dominant

Virtual reality content is an interesting way brands can drive customers to future with the use of technology.

This point can be proved with the accomplishment of Pokemon Go in 2016 & how the users are ready to accept, which means that you should experiment with new types of content. Google is also focussing on artificial intelligence which is a good pointer for the companies in the coming future.

Personalization Will be Key to Conversions

By sharing their personal information, audiences expect some better treatment from you. So, if you look at the stat by Usabilla: 56% of the customers are likely to buy when they are treated with a personalized experience. It is easy to personalize the experience of the user based on their geographic location, devices they use, searched keywords, age & many other options.

Given below is an illustration that tells about personalization suitably:

Customize your email newsletters, product recommendations on e-commerce website & also your content in blog.

Video Will Remain the King of Content

2016 had its share of video content & if we think about 2017, the future is looking bright. Every digital market expert will tell you that video marketing will be on the rise; it makes sense to take advantage of a technique which is working well.

They say that “never change a winning formula” & this quote is related to video marketing.

And Storytelling Will be the Queen

Good storytelling is better than a case study. This highlights that audiences are beginning to get exhausted from the idea of the content. Simply having a blog won’t do; you will have to engage your audiences through a story.


You will see that in 2017 influencer marketing will dominate. It is social, powerful, tempting & most of all it works.

In this post I have shared 10 content marketing predictions for 2017. I want you to pick one of this & try-out with it. Are there any other content marketing predictions that I missed? I would love to hear them in the comments section.

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