8 Social Media and Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

  • By Varun Tyagi
If you are looking to market your business in 2017, you will require a content marketing strategy to make it work. You can find plenty of effective ways to use content for small businesses in various industries.

8 Social Media and Content Marketing Tips for Small Business

Market your blog content smartly

If you are blogging for your business you must have a Facebook page. Facebook is the most popular social media platform and can easily help you to market your content and increase your audience. It is possible when you use strategy mentioned by Karola Karison.

Take risks with your SEO tactics

It is not possible that your every marketing strategy would work. Some strategies can be risky but they do also offer high rewards. You can refer to the SEO tactics used by Neil Patel which definitely falls under this category.

Give yourself some time to get your tactics right

Social media is must for any content marketing strategy. Different platforms and methods out there can make it difficult for small businesses to find the flow. Find some tips which will make it easy for you to solve this social media maze.

Share about yourself

Creating content and sharing it with your customers is not enough. Sharing who you are is a great part of marketing platform as emphasized by Rachel Strella.

Take in account the practical benefits of content marketing

Creating quality content is must because it provides value for your readers. There are also some technical things to be considered for your content which will help your business. It is more elaborated in the Search Engine Land post.

Utilize talent on a Budget

When you want to create content or do some other thing, it is must to keep the budget in your mind. You can check this post that includes some tips on how you can utilize talent according to your budget for your small business.

Keep metrics in mind when using keywords

Keywords will make your content more visible to likely customers. How to measure the effectiveness of those keywords? That is where metrics come into play. Phil Frost has explained brilliantly about this subject.

Make your testimonials more convincing

When you think of content marketing, testimonials won’t come to your mind and because they are untapped they are so effective. They can boost your online reputation and share information with customers. You can learn from kissmetrics post which will provide you with some out of the box strategies to make testimonials more convincing. So, these were the 8 social media and content marketing tips for small businesses. If you have any other content marketing and social media tips for small business, feel free to share in the comment section.

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