10 questions to ask while choosing an influencer marketing platform

Over the years, the usage of Social Media has become more and more prevalent, eventually becoming a predominant part of the customer’s lifestyle. As a result, it has paved the way for numerous brands and agencies to carry out marketing campaigns and reach out to their potential customers through various influencer marketing platform. 

According to a survey conducted by eMarketer, 84% of marketers are leaning towards launching at least one campaign involving an influencer; out of which, 81% believe it to be immensely successful. 

Social media users are also heavily influenced by the information led down by content creators who are considered to be mavens in their respective niches. Brands and agencies can take advantage of this fact which ultimately leads them to connect and communicate with their target customers better. 

As a brand or agency, you must approach influencers appropriately with a well-thought-out plan that is not overly commercial but helps to establish your brand goals.

Brands and agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the availability of different influencer campaign management software. Following are some of the questions that you need to validate before choosing an influencer marketing platform to run your brand campaigns.  

  1. Does the influencer marketing platform give you easy access to the influencer database?

The first thing that encourages brands & agencies to do influencer marketing via an influencer platform is the minimization of time and resources while searching for the right influencers. This starts with having a relevant and precise influencer database that is easily accessible.

An influencer marketing platform database is like a software-based directory that enables brands and agencies to track a large number of influencers present across various Social Media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You should be able to browse through the database with the help of different objectives. And filter the influencers based on metrics like gender, location, follower count, engagement rate, etc. Thus, it becomes essential that the influencer platform you are choosing has a good amount of influencers under every category and they are easily accessible.

  1. Is the influencer database up to date?

Updated influencer data helps you to make better marketing decisions. Pre-historic data has the potential to sabotage a campaign subsequently harming your brand and its customer perception. As a result, unless the whole data is accurate and in real-time, it cannot be deemed as reliable influencer campaign management software to carry out a campaign.

  1. How well does the platform manage influencer contact and relationship management?

Effective influencer marketing platform allow brands to automate all the tedious tasks that come with an influencer campaign; like messaging influencers directly, negotiating prices, signing contracts, and submitting payments via the contact details provided. In turn, it also allows you to run campaigns more efficiently with the influencers. Hence this becomes a very important aspect to look out for.

  1. How many Social Media channels do the platform cover?

Today we have influencers under every category, and hence the range of their target audience also differs from one Social Media channel to another. According to a survey conducted on social media influencers across India in 2020 by Statista.com, 95% of the influencer engagement is on Instagram, followed by Facebook with 60% engagement and YouTube ranking next.

Each channel might offer a unique audience, a different concentration of influencers, and its core benefits when it comes to influencer marketing. Similarly, each brand will have a different social media requirement to promote itself. For instance, a fashion and lifestyle brand is more likely to run a campaign on Instagram since it has a large variety of influencers under that pool. On the other hand, a finance-related brand is most likely to target Youtube as its go-to platform for marketing. 

This facility will also give your brand an option to run campaigns on multiple social media channels. Hence, any influencer marketing platform must cover as many social media channels as possible or the leading social media channels, to say the least. 

  1. How accurate are the reporting and analytics tools in the platform?

A brand’s ability to reach its goals means answering questions backed up by data. Until recently, most influencer marketers relied on spreadsheets to manage their influencer analytics. However, using a spreadsheet can prove to be less convenient and might take up more time than necessary.

With the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, you can now view influencer statistics by pulling their analytics report, geographical location, their genuine number of followers, reach, and more. 

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Influencers’ profiles can be deemed suspicious if they have a massive following but are unable to generate a proportionate reach. This is where features such as campaign performance reports, influencer metrics, and cost comparison come into play. These features form the core of any influencer marketing platform. They will help you do a fake follower audit of any given influencer. 

  1. Are you able to connect with the right target audience?

An influencer marketing campaign has a high chance of being unsuccessful unless you can reach out to the target audience. This can further help you to extend your reach, generate leads, and drive sales without breaking the bank. An influencer is like a mutual friend who will connect your brand with the target audience. The first step toward identifying your target audience is to understand the influencer’s audience. It includes their age, gender, location, occupation, ethnicity, etc… As a result, it will also allow your brand to connect more authentically with its audience.

  1. Does the influencer marketing platform provide custom pricing plans based on your requirements?

A pricing plan helps to plan and anticipate an influencer marketing campaign better. The pricing plans can have an immense impact on the ROI and it varies from one campaign requirement to another. Therefore, it is substantial that the chosen influencer campaign management software comes with flexible pricing plans and is ready to accommodate specific campaign requests. This will help you avoid getting stuck in any rigid pricing plan where you might end up paying for more than what is required.

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  1. How well does it keep up with the latest industry trends and hashtags?

Sometimes, keeping up with the latest trends and juggling a variety of tasks on a day-to-day basis can prove to be a very wearying job. Therefore, the influencer marketing platform should be up to date with everything that’s going on in the vicinity of your proposed campaign. Industry reports and handpicked lists of influencers under different categories and topics are some of the things to look out for in this case. This also makes your job easier as you can just refer to the list and get a proper idea of the ongoing trends before connecting with an influencer.

Some influencer marketing platforms also incorporate audience sentiment tracking which helps a great deal to understand the perception of your target audience towards a campaign.

  1. Which brands from different industries are using this platform?

There is an abundant number of influencer marketing platforms out there, operating in different industries against different use cases. You must have a look at their case studies to understand the kind of experience the influencer marketing platforms have. This experience stands as a testimony to its credibility and it must revolve around the type of campaign that you are looking forward to running in the future. 

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  1. Does the influencer marketing platform help save your time and money while running a campaign?

A good influencer platform will make sure that the campaign execution processes are streamlined for all the participants involved right from the beginning. Brands & agencies need to ensure that they are involving a process-oriented approach that saves time and money.

On the whole, choosing the right influencer marketing platform will allow you to quickly search & connect with the niche influencers, run campaigns, measure campaign ROI, and improve the campaign outcome. 

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