Influencer Spotlight | Megha Jain – lifestyle influencer

  • By Megha Shireen

Briefly tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

Lifestyle Photographer who Loves to document Love. Couple sessions, Weddings, Maternity, New-Born, Kids, Family & Portraits is what I enjoy working on the most. Also, in between all this, I blog about the books I read, the fabulous food and personal Travel experiences. Connect with Sunflare Arthouse on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Tell us about your ‘influencer story’. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

Life has been an exciting journey for me and I am enjoying every minute along the ups and downs of the road. I love the idea to capture a gorgeous moment and make something that lasts forever! It also thrills me when I'm able to touch someone's life, make a happy moment for them even if it is in the tiny simple way! Blogging came along because I love to write. Writing and photography are two mediums of memory making and I guess I am a memory hoarder hence love doing both - this leads me here.

What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you’ve most enjoyed.

I have been blogging for a long time and then started sharing the stories of people I photographed and the couples I worked with during my life as a professional photographer. My most memorable have to be the book review with Bloomsbury Publishing which was special for so many reasons and will remain on top! 

What are your favourite brands on social media?

For obvious reasons, the favourite brands on Social Media are the brands I have been involved with and have worked around.

Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

Even with a massive reach drop out leading to major disappointment almost everyone - Instagram will remain on top. Simply because in a fast paced life, people don't want to click anywhere else and get all the updates in on one platform.

What’s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

In my opinion, paid influence campaigns are what I focus on - by that I mean I really go through what I am promoting and do so only when I genuinely like it. Working extra time for a brand in exchange for a product doesn't do any justice to the hour's anyone is putting behind it. One can always buy what they like, what's the benefit to hoarding on the things one doesn't want and in return spend time working hard to make a campaign come to life. That's unfair in so many ways!

What’s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

That's a fantastic marketing approach. I speak for myself here, I am an influencer to people following me who I have worked with and a majorly their friends and family who loved the work I have done. Anything that goes up on social media leaves a lasting impact. Any post - be it Travel, Food, Books, Makeup haul, Camera equipment or any shout out really - leaves an impact and follows up with a lot of inquiries which I take time to respond. I collaborate with budding artist to help them reach out.


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