Qoruz: Influencer Spotlight | Deepa – Food Blogger

  • By Megha Shireen

Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

I am Deepa, blogging in the name of Madraasi – a Tamilian tales for almost 3.5 years. Started it as a healthy time pass during the first year, now it has driven me as a professional. I am proud to be a key contributor from India on WorldExpoMilano 2015. I do teach my recipes online. Got featured in few of Indian magazines - dtnext, deccanherald, Kumudam Snehidhi. Social Media Facebook Profile – Madraasi Deepa Facebook Page – Madraasi Twitter – ImMadraasi Instagram – ImMadraasi Youtube – Madraasi

Tell us about your ‘influencer story’. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

In my first year of blogging, I got a mail from Eastern condiments US, requesting for a product review. This is how the influencer in me came to exist. As an influencer, I strongly believe experience first and then influence. I don’t compromise on the content/ review which will be purely based on my experience be it pros/cons.

What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you’ve most enjoyed.

I have collaborated with many brands varying from food products, restaurant reviews, home interiors, household and appliances. To name a few – Bosch, ITC Sunfeast, Eastern Condiments, Britannia, Marriott, Hyatt, Dr. Fixit, Lal Hit, ekgaon etc. I enjoy all the campaigns or reviews, as I have learned new things from each and every brand/ campaign.

What are your favourite brands on social media?

The list would grow big... I will make is short here… I have been working with Bosch, ITC Sunfeast, Eastern Condiments, Britannia, Marriott, Hyatt, ekgaon etc. Love to get associated with – Vaya, Prestige, ITC Hotels, Milton.

Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

My personal feeling is Instagram, by looking at the way it is evolving, 2017 might turn out to be the year of Instagram.

What’s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

My POV is, only if you are satisfied with the work you would be delivering the best. Be it paid campaigns or gratification based ones. Hence, I don’t see them as two different entities.

What’s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

Influencers play a vital role in improving the reputation and advocacy with customers, though brands also should identify and choose the influencers matching their needs. With the social media influences growing worldwide, influencers can create wonders.

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