Influencer Spotlight | Deeba Rajpal – baking influencer

  • By Varun Tyagi

Briefly tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

Food Writer | Food Stylist | Recipe Writer | Food Photographer

A compulsive baker?, food stylist & photographer?, I share my creativity and food styling on my blog. For me, visual appeal holds as much significance as healthy and delectable food. Any idea that grabs my fancy becomes a springboard for creativity. A ‘locavore’, a ‘bake-o-holic’, an ‘absolute’ baker.

Instagram and Facebook: @passionateaboutbaking

Twitter: @vindee

Pinterest: @deebarajpal.

Tell us about your ‘influencer story’. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

My story began with writing a food blog, offering consistently quality work, being creative, and most importantly being ethical & honest with my audience. My experience as an influencer has been mostly good. There have been a few bad apples in the basket but then, that's life! You learn and move on!

What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you’ve most enjoyed.

I've collaborated with Saffola {Marico},Teabox, Chumbak, KitchenAid, Hyatt, Mother Dairy, Big Banyan Wines, Del Monte, Olive Tree Trading, Motorola, Vivo 5, Maple Syrup Consortium of Canada, Pepsico...and several small startups. I have enjoyed Saffola possibly the most as Marico is a great company - ethical, respects the collaboration, is forward thinking too. Chumbak, Teabox and Olive Tree Trading are others that have made me happy by letting me explore my creativity. These have been refreshing experiences.

What are your favourite brands on social media?

Chumbak, Ikea, One Plus, KitchenAid, Nestle, Valhrona, BBC GF...

Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

I think it might be Instagram as it is very dynamic, hugely consumer driven ,and has great engagement. With limited time on hand, people are consuming images like never before.

What’s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

I prefer paid influencer campaigns as it makes one more accountable and allows someone like me to explore my creativity. I'm not a huge believer of gratification based campaigns. Brands need to invest in influencers that offer value for time and money, and need to build long lasting relationships. There are no shortcuts to building loyalty.

What’s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

I think both sides need to be honest and ethical. Reputations are a fragile concept if the foundation isn't stable and built with passion. Nobody wants to promote a brand/product that they don't align to or believe in.

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