Influencer Spotlight | Apurva Saxena – Fashion Influencer

  • By Vidhi Bansal

Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

Hey! My name is Apurva Saxena. I am from Delhi and I'm a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger and an independent entrepreneur. Connect with Kalapalette on (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Tell us about your ‘influencer story’. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

Mine has been a roller coaster ride. I started off as a 3D animator, switched to Graphic Designing and over boredom started surfing through various international blogs. 7 years back, blogging was purely about sharing personal experiences via blogs, hence, use to read a lot of blog 'articles' and soak in the inspiration. One day, being very bored, I thought of logging-in Blogspot and start my blog. Psst.. The first name of my blog was ' Cheese and Berries' but I changed it to Kalapalette.

What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you’ve most enjoyed.

United Colours of Benetton, FCUK, Tissot, French Connection, Accor Hotels, PUMA, H&M, etc. Most memorable one has to be working for & with Allen Solly as a part of their seasonal lookbook model. #Bliss

What are your favourite brands on social media?

Luxury - Chanel, Ferragamo, Miu Miu, Nyx, Mac & Victoria Beckham. Indian - Vajor, Tjori, H&M, Zara, etc.

Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

Instagram has become a rage. It's a conflicting platform where the debate is between selling fake audience with limited ROI VS Genuine content which hyperlinks to an old-style blog post with more definition and details.

What’s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

Paid influencer campaign is a great way of making bloggers blog and promote the brand in the best possible manner, without having to worry about their bread & butter. As long as the inputs by the influencer are genuine and non-spammy, it's a win-win situation. Gratification can be considered as an add-on for the influencer to get a first-hand experience of the product/service in question.

What’s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

It's a great way of reaching out the wider audience now that even print media is investing more on digital space.

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