Influencer Spotlight | Aarthi Satheesh – Food Influencer

  • By Megha Shireen

Briefly, tell us about yourself. (Credentials, profession, social media channels)

My Name is Aarthi, Author of Yummy Tummy. I am a full-time stay at home. My husband name is Satheesh who is my best friend and my best food critic, no recipes can be shared on my blog without the approval of him. I have two adorable daughters who make my life meaningful. These three are the love of my life. Connect with Yummy Tummy on (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)

Tell us about your ‘influencer story’. (How did it start and what has been your experience)

I started cooking when I was in college. I used to small dishes at that time and my friends used to like it so much. After I graduated i got a job and then only cooking got serious in me. I used to cook a lot of my lunches to an office and my colleagues asked me for the recipes. So I decided to start my very own blog where i can save my recipes. Hence I created YUMMY TUMMY. This blog was a tiny one before, but as days passed by it got lots of exposure and my viewers started increasing.

What brands have you collaborated with? Any particular campaigns that you’ve most enjoyed.

I have collaborated with many brands like Horlicks, little moppet, Ragu, Pam, Dunkin Donuts.

What are your favourite brands on social media?

I love most of the food brands.

Which social media platform do you think will be the biggest marketing tool in 2017 and why do you think so?

In my opinion, it is Facebook and Instagram. Many people are active on those platforms.

What’s your opinion on paid influencer campaigns vs gratification based campaigns? (Branded experiences, Freebies, Advocacy Rewards Program etc.)

Paid influencer campaign helps the blogger to spend more time on their blog since they know that spending a considerable amount of time on the blog would help them to earn from it and it not going waste. Gratification based campaigns are also good since their blog gain exposure. But I prefer paid influencer campaign.

What’s your viewpoint on brands collaborating with influencers to improve their reputation and advocacy with consumers?

Since we blogger have a wide range of viewers, it is easy for brands to reach more people. We can take their brands and help it get more exposure.

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