8 Influencer Marketing Mistakes to Avoid while using an influencer marketing platform

Influencer marketing is not a new strategy; it is an old practice to recruit celebrities that trace its origin back to the 1800s. It is different in the digital age & the rules have been completely changed. You don’t need to be a celebrity to work as an influencer. All you need is to choose a better influencer marketing platform to run a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer marketing revolves around all the social media personalities who have a huge following. What does it mean? This means that some of the biggest brands are more inclined to partner with a Snapchat celebrity rather than going with a Hollywood celebrity.

The most crucial part of Influencer marketing is word of mouth, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other people – even if they don’t them.

So, before you ramp up your influencer marketing platform efforts, here are the eight influencer marketing mistakes you must avoid:

Overlooking Engagement Levels

The count of followers of an influencer is important but another aspect is the engagement of an influencer with their followers. You will have to check how relevant is their audience & the engagement level of the audience with the influencer’s present content. If the posts lack retweets, comments & or likes then it is time to steer clear.

Prioritizing Popularity Over Relevance using an Influencer marketing platform

It is a common misconception that the number of followers an influencer has the, more your brand will benefit from it, right? But you are wrong.

The perks of influencer marketing are that you can tap into selected audiences that have a current leaning toward your industry. The bigger their name is, the less related their audience would be.

For example: if you are selling marketing software, then going with a marketing thought leader who has 10,000 followers is far more useful than a fashion blogger who has 1 million followers.

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Organizing a One-Off campaign

According to a survey, three out of four marketers have shared that it is difficult to find an exact influencer. The point is when you get a perfect influencer who is offering what you require then don’t work with them for once. You should plan out a long term project with them.

This way, the bond between the influencer & your brand will become stronger in the minds of audiences, which will make future campaigns via influencer marketing platforms more natural.

Inconsistent Communication

When you start an influencer campaign, you have to make sure that someone from your team is present to answer all the queries of the influencer. When you offer the support, it will in turn build the rapport with influencers & they will come back to work for your brand again & the plus point would be that they would be already familiar with your requirements. 

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Sticking to Only One Platform

Your brand might have the largest following on Facebook but that doesn’t mean your influencer should have a large number of followers on Facebook. This is the most common mistake by the brands. There are other platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter & Instagram that boast a total user base of more than 2 billion live users. So, if Facebook is covered then you should focus on other platforms.

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Trying to Gratify Influencers With Just Freebies

There are plenty of new influencers who are willing to work for free merchandise, goodies & other deals. But you can’t simply think to build long lasting relationships with the influencers if you will only give your influencers freebies. Influencers are professionals like anyone else, and hence one must respect their work and pay accordingly.

Last Minute Changes in Brief

You should make it clear to the influencer about your expectations from the start. You can tell them your expectations and do not change the requirements midway through the campaigns. If you will follow these simple courtesies, it will allow building friendliness with the influencers who will become important to your brand in the years to come. Influencer marketing platforms fill the communication gap between the influencers and brands.

Trivial Data Analysis

The conversions & increase in traffic are some indicators of success, but the analysis shouldn’t just finish here. Every social network allows knowing data like likes, views, comments, impressions & reach. You should monitor these things through influencer marketing platforms so that you can know when your campaign is getting weak/strong.

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