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  • By Varun Tyagi

At Qoruz, we are always excited about how the online world influences and reshapes our real world. That’s why, when we are not busy wracking our brains on how to make Qoruz the smartest influencer marketing platform in the world, we are instead focusing our nerd skills on decoding the ‘oh-so-complex-yet-it-makes-total-sense’ equations of online social influence.

The outcomes of the recent Assembly elections in India and the visible emergence of a Narendra Modi-led BJP wave in the country attracted our attention and got us curious enough to ask ourselves – “Does the online influence of a political leader really shape the political landscape of the country? If yes, how much impact could it have?”

Well, the answer is –yes it does. And the impact is significant, to say the least. Our study involved analyzing the Twitter profiles of political leaders to see which ones were exerting the most influence on Twitter power users. In short, we wanted to see which political leaders are India’s Twitter super influencers, and what it means for their political success. Check out this infographic to see the results of our study.

Methodology: As a part of this research, we analyzed 500-1000 tweets of the top 50,000 Twitter influencers in India, specifically in a political context. These influencers are the most powerful Twitter users in India and were selected basis their follower count and audience engagement figures.

Next, we mapped the influencers to the political leaders they follow and most often engage with on Twitter, and analyzed their tweets to extract information. All the information presented in the infographic has been sourced from public profile data on Twitter.

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