How to Improve Your Social Media Monitoring Strategy

Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter… What’s your pick? It’d be safe to assume you would log in multiple times to any of these or other social networking sites.

Social media has altered the way we live our lives. Social media is everywhere, from getting the latest news updates to getting in touch with our close ones. It’s powerful, omnipresent, and, undoubtedly, it’s here to stay.

DataReportal research shows that around 3.96 Billion people are active on social media these days, which accounts for over half the global population.  

And it’s still growing at a rapid pace.

But that’s not where its popularity ends.

Social media platforms play a significant role in connecting with audiences, transforming how brands engage with their customers.

Nowadays, users also turn to social media to express their views and opinions about a brand or its offerings.

But are you paying attention to the conversations going on about your brand?

And if yes, how are you acknowledging it?

As a brand, your job doesn’t end with posting content. The actual work begins from here.

It’s crucial to analyze how well your content is performing. And this is only possible if you have a well-planned social media monitoring strategy. 

It is the ultimate way to stay ahead of your competitors and retain your customers.

To take the most advantage of what your customers are saying, we will discuss some optimal strategies and methods to engage in social media monitoring.

What is Social Media Monitoring?

In simple terms, social media monitoring refers to tracking your brand’s mentions online and reverting to any engagement around it. 

It’s more than just looking out for hashtags, mentions, shares, or comments. It’s also about listening to conversations related to your brand and products to analyze the pulse of your audience and industry. 

To do this effectively, social media monitoring tools are essential. They help you track everything related to your brand across all social sites from a single platform. You can easily search and analyze various content, keep up with your page mentions, and do much more.

But the question arises: Why is social media monitoring critical?

Knowing what type of conversations revolving around your brand in the social space is essential. Nowadays, people are more active on social media and never hesitate to express their positive or negative views on a brand. 

This is an invaluable source of direct consumer feedback that brands can use to improve themselves.

Social media monitoring allows you to understand the customer’s feelings about your offerings, improve what needs improvement, and maintain what they already love.

What Do You Need To Track And Monitor?

Now that you know what social media monitoring is and why it is essential let’s discuss all the factors that go into it.

Brand Mentions

Many people directly mention your brand or products without using trackable markers such as @ or #. In these situations, social media monitoring tools can help you search for conversations that have fallen off the radar.

Also, remember, If you are getting a significant number of brand mentions, it doesn’t always imply that your brand is performing well. It could be because of several other reasons, such as complaints, so analyzing all other factors is essential to get the bigger picture.

Tracking brand mentions helps you to know:

  • The perfect day and time to share your content on social platforms.
  • How engaged are users with your brand’s social activities?
  • Whether the audiences loved your products or not.

Consumer Needs

These days, more customers are turning to social media as the primary channel to contact brands. They expect brands to be present all the time to answer their queries.

Thus, it becomes crucial for the brands to not just listen to their followers but also engage with them and solve their problems at every stage.

If consumers are left unattended, they may shift their interest from your brand to others who do listen. 

With the help of social media monitoring tools, you can set up your primary inbox to receive all the notifications and attend them without any delay.


Consumer Sentiments

Does your product delight your customers? 

Are you able to meet their expectations with your service? 

If you wish to know exactly how consumers feel about your brands, sentiment analysis can do the trick.

Consumer sentiment can give you an overview of your brand reputation.

Moreover, it helps you derive value from product reviews and customer feedback to utilize those insights to make intelligent decisions that enhance customer experience.

If more people tag your brand with negative sentiment, it’s an alarming situation that needs to be addressed immediately. Similarly, positive sentiment must also be looked at to know what made your customers happy so you can replicate the activity.



It’s important to always pay attention to what your competitors do. Monitoring competitors’ metrics give you a clear picture of your industry and where your brand stands.

When you set up keywords and track results, you may get to know if there are changes in your positioning in comparison to your competitors. If a competitor brand gets more mentions, they’re doing something well.

In such a situation, dig deeper to know what worked for them. If you can grab the eyeballs of your competitor’s audience, you may get access to a new set of consumers.

That said, be cautious while pitching to someone following your competitor. It’s better to make a soft pitch rather than getting desperate or aggressive.

With the help of social media monitoring tools, you can easily find out the audience’s views and feelings about your brand, which makes it easier for you to satisfy their needs. 

Gaining such insights helps you find numerous ways to modify your strategies and raise the perception of your brand.


Benefits of Using Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media monitoring tools can help you in many ways. Not just in terms of monitoring but providing actionable insights into what you learn.


Humanize your social expression

The best part of social media monitoring tools is that it helps you not only communicate with your audiences without any hassle and notify you of every brand mention so that you can equally pay attention to all your customers.

It allows brands to hold honest conversations and create a sense of belonging in consumers.


Gain Invaluable Feedback

Gaining access to your audience’s views and feelings about your latest product launch, marketing campaigns, or announcements helps you to make changes in your products and services depending on the requirements of your consumers.

This is arguably the most critical aspect of social media monitoring. Make doubly sure you read all the responses. Who knows? You might come across a game-changing suggestion.


Streamline your Campaign

Social media monitoring tools help you analyze keywords and phrases mentioned beyond your brand page. 

This lets you analyze what marketing trends and activities are working and implement them in your campaign.


Top Social Media Monitoring Tools

There are plenty of tools that influencers can use for social media monitoring. While some are complete social media management solutions, they also have integrated listening features that can be super useful as part of the package.


Buzzsumo is one of the most popular tools to track conversations related to your brand on social media. The tool helps track people sharing your brand content and informs you where they are sharing it. 

Featuring brand monitoring, content curation, competitor research, influencer marketing, and more, this tool is the go-to option for brands that not only wish to track brand mentions but also create unique content.


Hootsuite is a popular social media management platform that helps marketers create and launch social media marketing campaigns across various social channels. 

Hootsuite’s social media monitoring features include sentiment scoring, social listening, social measurement, social reporting, and influencer identification. You can easily monitor what people are talking about you based on hashtags, keywords, locations, and more.


Loaded with intuitive features such as social media monitoring, handling consumer data, content publishing, engagement tracking, etc., Falcon.io is an all-in-one platform that helps brands to explore the full potential of social media marketing. 

Its social media monitoring features include social listening, influencer identification, social reporting, social measurement, and sentiment scoring.


Once you receive all the data, you must act on your gathered knowledge. Analyze whether your strategy is working or not. 

Are you getting traction on your primary social networking channels? 

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your effort and bring changes in your marketing strategy per your audiences’ views.

Most of you might be aware of the importance of monitoring social media for brand mentions, competitors, products, services, and more, and you might also be doing it.

But do you have any plan to analyze, respond, and integrate outputs based on what you monitor into your strategy?

If you don’t, you might miss out on some excellent opportunities.