Find Hyperlocal influencers from influencer marketing platform in India

Who are hyperlocal influencers?

Hyperlocal influencers are those who post their opinions and reviews on a plethora of forums — bloggers, Instagram engagers and the Twitterati make up what are today popularly called “hyperlocal influencers”. Influencer marketing platforms in India are used to find a perfect hyperlocal influencer for your small business growth. 

They are users who have gained a high following on social media due to the traction their content receives. These hyperlocal influencers end up endorsing brands through creative advertising and can influence buying patterns. In a fast-moving country like India where positive feedback and reviews do influence buying habits to a large extent, hyperlocal influencers can be especially effective as they become known names and faces within their communities.

Why do influencer marketing platforms work in hyperlocal marketing?

Hyperlocal social marketing allows brands to communicate to a group of individuals with similar interests in a specific community or neighborhood. Providing agents with opportunities to connect with customers on a more personal level further demonstrates that they care about them and the local community.

Hyperlocal influencer marketing works wonders because it allows for a core group of individuals who are most likely to use the brand, to become loyal to the brand. There is an interesting correlation between the rise of hyperlocal marketing and the influencer marketing industry, where early adoption brands with big budgets activated large level influencers to reach a national or global audience through influencer marketing platforms in India. Recently, with the democratization of attention and influence, there has been a shift toward using the hyperlocal Micro Influencer.

Engaging in micro communities allows brands of all sizes to target and activate their local customers to use word of mouth marketing within their network (just like the good ol’ days). These communities also produce higher engagement rates, making them more efficient.

How can hyperlocal influencer marketing be leveraged successfully?

  • Through reviewers and other specific customer feedback

Brands and platforms that allow for reviews or other specific customer feedback should keep an eye out on who’s saying what about you. Brand loyalists can easily be turned into hyperlocal influencers by bringing them into the funnel of your brand, through a comprehensive process that can yield your gold if you follow it!

  • Through regular followers

Approach individuals who have been constantly and consistently engaging with your brand. They are either regular customers or avid followers of your work on social media. These hyperlocal influencers can then go on to convert the people within the vicinity – who are your most important target audience – into loyal customers, too!

  • Through local bloggers

It can be tricky to get the right traction from a blog, especially when there are so many un-optimised, unvisited blogs out there. However, if you do notice a local individual or group blog performing exceptionally well, are inclined towards the same field as your business, and are getting enough attention online – go for it.

  • Through local sponsorships and associations

Commemorate the important moments of your company through local associations. Tie up with either local organizations or budding local celebrities for endorsements and collaborations, and do not stop there! Keep them in the loop with every offer you have or campaign you run, and turn their influencers!

Influencer marketing platforms are already making it easy to target individuals hyperlocal on social media. Social Times reports that nearly 60% of marketers plan to increase influencer marketing budgets. If you target audiences on a more hyperlocal level and activate them using micro-influencers, you are bound to get increased engagement on your spending! Go ahead and start building your brand with a great bunch of hyperlocal influencers.