The Complete Guide: Influencer Marketing in India

Influencer marketing is nothing new but to get maximum advantage from influencer marketing, you have to know about it in-depth. When nearly 50 fashion influencers on Instagram posted a picture of themselves in the “same” Lord & Taylor dress, it sent out a message that this dress was a must buy. And guess what! The dress sold out the following weekend. The same things happening in India too; This is a perfect example of the power of influencer marketing in India.

We are more likely to buy a product if it is recommended by a friend than by an advert. Influencer marketing opens plenty of opportunities for brands to increase the reach of their content and build relationships with consumers directly.

In this post, you will learn how to get started with influencer marketing and how to build relationships with influencers.

Let’s start.

Influencer Marketing in India


WOM (word of mouth) spreads faster on social media than a fire in a dry field. Influencers in India are more active on social media; they are who people trust. Mainly, influencers act as a mutual connection that connects your brand to the targeted users. So, an endorsement from an influencer will boost your reach and will also drive traffic to your site. They are capable of exposing your brand to their followers, who number in thousands, and within a minute you might start getting impressions. Influencer Marketing in India is getting strong and reliable for marketers.

Why does your brand require Influencers?

Consumers trust recommendations from a third party source rather than the brand itself. You don’t trust a person at a party who talks about himself or convinces you to be his friend. However, you will trust a guy if your friend vouches for him. So, an influencer is a mutual friend who connects your brand with targeted users.

When you connect with an influencer, not only does he bring his entire network of followers, but also sways the loyalty of their audience to a particular brand. An influencer can easily drive traffic to their site, increase your social media reach and sell your product directly through their recommendation.

As traditional outbound marketing gets out of fashion, influencer marketing in India becoming an easy way to attract clients. Most modern day consumers are blind to billboards and deaf to commercials. They are independent and want to research a brand on their own while making their own decisions.

How do influencers do inbound marketing? Well, they generate content about your brand, and they also recommend your brand to their followers, participating in conversations surrounding your brand. Thus, getting an influencer on your side before a competitor does is an important strategy for successful content marketing.

How to identify an influencer for your brand?

  • Context: An influencer differs for every brand because they need to be an appropriate fit. This is an important factor when you are looking for the right influencer marketing in India. For example, Virat Kholi is known as one of the most influential social media users and has millions of followers but will his tweet about your software bring any conversion? Definitely, no because sports enthusiasts may not be interested in software. Context is the key.
  • Reach: We want those influencers to have a reach so that they can share the content in a manner that can be heard. If you are selling Sports clothes for “Sportsmen”, then a mention from Virat Kholi wouldn’t be bad after all.
  • Actionability: This is an influencer’s capability to cause action using their audience. This characteristic comes obviously when you target an audience that is in context with your brand.

Where to find your influencer for your influencer marketing in India?

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring allows the user to find influencers who talk about the niche you have outlined. For example, someone is posting about yoga aggressively but has not mentioned your website. So, it would be nice to engage with them and expose your brand.

Research Hashtags: Identify those hashtags which your influencers are using. Once you can find influencers who seem to be a good fit for your brand, you should organize them in the Twitter list, so you can use them effectively in influencer marketing in India

Google Alerts: You can set alerts for keywords to know people who are writing about the topics in your niche.

Social mention: Social mention allows you to advertise your company’s name and to find mentions on various outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to name a few.

The above mentioned ways are traditional methods. You can also easily find influencers with the help of Qoruz: an influencer marketing tool. In Qoruz you will get Advanced search functionality; use the search bar to find influencers that are related to your niche. Qoruz plays an important role in influencer marketing in India

You can get to know about an influencer’s social reach. You will know more than their engagement and will have access to deep insights. Check out more features

How to build a relationship with influencers?

The next step after identifying influencers is to start building a relationship with them. Below are some ways through which you can build relationships with influencers.

  • Thank Them

Send them a quick thank you via email. Just make sure to communicate our gratitude simply.

  • Think long term

Building a long-term relationship means investing your time, interest, and attention to the other person. Communication is key so don’t just contact them when you need some work.

  • Share  

Use your networks and share their content when required and help them build audiences and trust with you.

We Qoruz builds strong relationships between influencers and brands in the field of Influencer marketing in India.  

Over to You

Thanks for reading; I would love to continue this conversation in the comment section. If you have any tips on building relationships with influencers? Having trouble finding influencers, You can sign up with Qoruz and discover influencers.