How do brands reward Influencer campaigns during the holiday season?

The holiday season brings about a great opportunity to launch new campaigns, release products, and have theme promotions to help customers get into the holiday mood and drive sales better. Influencers have always played an important role in grabbing eyeballs during this season. Their presence becomes even more important today, with chronological feeds becoming a thing of the past. Rewarding influencers for the holiday season is not only a great gesture towards your influencer community, But it also serves as double promotion for the product or feature you wish to promote.

How do brands creatively execute reward campaigns for their influencers in the holiday season? We have seen some stunning examples in recent times. Here they are :

  1. A Timfluential Christmas with Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons allowed their influencers to hold fun giveaways for the holidays, and this is what happened!

Tim Hortons, Canada’s much loved coffee and donut cafe went all out in their hometown for Christmas in 2016, when they decided to allow their influencers to host giveaway contests instead. Not only did the influencers get their very own goodie bag, but they also got a huge boost in their social media following via this influencer campaign. Happy influencers creatively held contests and were more than pleased to be associated with the Tim Hortons brand.

2. #HappierDiwali with CitiBank

Back in 2013, CitiBank wished to give away high-end technology products as a way of saying thanks to their customers. In the bargain, they brought together ten technology bloggers for the first time in Indian advertising history and ran a wonderful influencer campaign with them! These premier tech blogs of India came together in a unique giveaway, where 3 blogs gave away a brand new iPhone 5s while the other seven promised an iPad Mini to their readers. This not only made the campaign seem organic, but it also gave the tech bloggers a load of exposure and established them as leading authorities in India. The Influencer campaign generated more than 28.7 million impressions, with over 8000 campaign shares on Social Media.

  1. Toys for all with ToysRUs

ToysRUs decided to test run its new mobile wishlist feature by encouraging mums to go shopping with their kids and use the wish list. The influencers gave a smashing surprise to their kids, courtesy ToysRUs – and did not forget to demonstrate their gratitude via Instagram posts that the Influencer campaign got plenty of engagement.

  1. A Ride to Remember with Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz giving its influencers a slice of a road trip before the holidays

In the holiday season of 2014, the luxurious car company Mercedes-Benz handed over the reins to their social media channels (Instagram and YouTube), along with a Mercedes-Benz car itself! Their team of social influencers told incredible stories based on their real life journey in the vehicle. They drove the car around, took photos, and curate a story that features more than just the car and hashtag, #MBPhotoPass. The results of the Influencer campaign were massive. #MBPhotoPass generated over 173 million impressions, 2.3 million likes, $4 million worth of earned media, and 1,700 brand assets!

  1. A Merry Christmas with Starbucks

One of the 13 winning entries for Starbucks’ Red Cup winter campaign

Having noticed the raging success of their previous draw-on-the-Starbucks-cup Influencer campaign, Starbucks called on all customers to create beautiful designs for their red Christmas cup. The famous coffee chain received over 1,200 submissions hailing from 13 countries across the globe. The winning entries were officially featured as Starbucks red cups for the entirety of Winter 2016!

  1. Happier Holidays with Hallmark

Hallmark’s holiday influencer campaign hits a success

In 2016, Hallmark partnered with several family-friend Instagram influencers to promote their holiday 2016 collection of keepsake ornaments. While receiving a whole load of ornaments to jazz up their festive season, influencers offered their followers candid glimpses into their family holiday traditions. Evoking emotions, they shared personal, tender moments along with a link for their users to purchase their keepsake ornament. While the Influencer campaign only lasted the holiday season, influencers boosted Hallmark’s brand awareness and increased sales.

It’s never a bad idea to say thanks to the army of influencers that drive your brand forward, and what better time to do so than the holiday season? Go ahead and think of how creative you could get with your rewards Influencer campaigns and watch as your influencers make some magic.