5 Ways To Tweak Your Twitter Marketing

  • By Varun Tyagi
Nowadays, everyone uses Twitter to share their opinions, stay updated on the topics that interest them, and find out what’s happening in the world. More people turn to Twitter every day to stay abreast with the happenings around them. In India, start-ups and entrepreneurs are making the most of Twitter as they are expanding their reach and customer base, connecting with new and existing customers. There are plenty of influencers on Twitter, with different areas of expertise, making it easy for business to target audience with ease. However, marketers often hit a dead end while coming up with new ideas to engage their followers. This post will tell you about 5 ways in which you can break the Twitter marketer’s block and create higher engagement with your audience.

Run Twitter Polls

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When your Twitter poll is live you can see the results in real-time to get quick insights. Choose questions which are relevant to your business and will easily attract the attention of your followers. Collaborate with relevant influencers and get them to share the poll. When the poll is over, tweet your expert opinion to share your knowledge in that specific area.

Put up Short Videos

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Recently, Twitter has increased the duration of the video to 140 seconds. This will provide the user to show their content in a more expressive way and involve more followers. Use these videos as teasers about forthcoming product launches. Instead of putting up live tweets, you can post short-videos to give your marketing strategy a fresh look.

Take Advantage of a Trending Story

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This technique, known as ‘newsjacking’, comprises of closely monitoring of trends on Twitter and looking for ways in which your brand can add some significance to a story. The remarkable thing about Twitter trends is that they are centred on your location and whom you follow, so you will remain relevant while co-operating with audience.

Tag Relevant Influencers

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Whenever you are creating and sharing content, it is a good practice to tag relevant influencers and even look for co-branded conversation Twitter. Not only does it create more authentic conversations, it is also the best way to maximize reach with the help of direct messages, retweets and mentions.

Include Useful Links

Source: Socialmediaexaminer

Mentioning links in your tweets will lead to plenty of traffic opportunities and will allow your followers to know about your business better. Putting link in the middle of your tweet gets more retweets as compared to when the link is put at the end or beginning of a tweet. Tweets with links perform much better and get retweets also. Incorporating these tactics in your Twitter marketing strategy will help your brand to expand its clout on this platform. Follow these tactics, and over time you will definitely witness growth in your followers and engagement levels.

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