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  • By Varun Tyagi

Are you looking for some ways to improve YouTube channel views? Then you are at the right place as here you will get few simple techniques so that your YouTube videos would be watched by millions and also by your targeted users. Let us look at the 5 ways on how to improve YouTube channel views:

5 Ways on How to Improve YouTube Channel Views

Keep a track of your target audience to know common questions your video can answer

This technique is simple to follow but difficult to implement. If you want to create appropriate YouTube videos, you will have to pay attention to the user’s problems and try to solve them.

You can take the help of much social listening software which can help you observe keywords and brand mentions from social media. If you will track phrases which have your targeted keywords in real time will help you learn about the user’s problems.

If you are not able to follow this technique, you can also take the help of Quora, which is great for understanding your audience. For example, if your niche is Search Engine Optimization, a search on Quora will provide you with more than 41.7k questions, so you can take the help of social media platforms to get the audience problems and solve them.

Develop a signature style so that viewers know what to expect from your videos

Choosing a topic for your YouTube video is the beginning. Your video should cover the topic in a convincing way. If you want to maximize your video views, choose the perfect match and create an evergreen content which will stand the test of time.

On YouTube the viewers are looking for a certain quality of the video. A shaky webcam and a bad script won’t do it. For the complete format of your video, expert YouTuber Tim Schmoyer recommends hooking your audience in the first 5 seconds. You can offer your audience a unique value that you will provide in your video. A bumper is a good way to promote your brand.

In continuation of Schmoyer point you need to provide what you promise on the title. Script your video and focus on fulfilling the value your audience is craving.

You will have to include a call to action (CTA), which tells your viewers what to do. It's one of the ways to improve YouTube channel views. 

Give a strong call with End Screens and Cards

A CTA is must if you want your video to create leads. In your CTA you can ask the viewers to share your video, check out other videos and visit your website. YouTube annotations were a simple way to communicate CTA’s to viewers. In May 2017, YouTube is removing the ability to add and edit annotations as they don’t work on the mobile devices. But now most of the YouTubers use the new screen and card features instead of annotations.

The end screens and new cards feature are mobile-friendly and it’s a great way to end your video. The process to you add an end screen, Click Video Manager, Videos and then to End screen and screens.

You can also add a template in the end screen, Select use template to add any call to action you want which can include links to different channels, links to your website and subscribe buttons.

Take the help of Creator studio to optimize your channel

When you will optimize your YouTube channel then it will make it easier for the people to find your videos when they do a Google search. You can start optimize your account, create a partner verified account, which will allow you to monetize your videos, upload custom thumbnails and upload lengthy videos.

If you want to verify your account, log in to your creator studio dashboard. Click on the channel then on status and features.

Click Enable under Monetization tab.

After your account is verified, you can then optimize your video by adding a thumbnail. If you want to upload a thumbnail then go to Video Manager and click on the custom Thumbnail button that will appear in the preview. You should also optimize your title which provides the value to the audience and it should have the main keyword.

Promote your videos and channel on the platforms your audience visits

After you have uploaded your best video, you can use target audience research to promote the videos in which users are able to see it. You can take the help of Google Analytics; you can know which platform the audience is using. Write a blog post to promote your video and embed the video in your blog and use it to drive traffic to your blog.

To drive interest, maintain an uploading schedule to keep your YouTube videos fresh.


The numbers of people watch your video through to completion the higher your content will rank. If your audience likes content then they will also share your content. These were the 5 ways on how to improve YouTube channel views.

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