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  • By Prabakaran

Knowing the right direction can be tough while making decisions on how to get more users for your product. There are various types of influencers like micro-influencers with less than a million followers. The talking point is that: Are these followers loyal and engaged?

A study was conducted to know the level of the engagements of the influencers in which it was found that influencers with 10,000 to 100,000 followers were most effective in engaging their audiences, displaying a higher like rate (2.37%) than celebrities and influencers who have more than a million audiences.

Check out these six tips which will help you to reach best customers by focusing on micro-influencers:-

Focus on Engagement

The main idea about this tip is engagement leads to growth. Before reaching to micro-influencers ensure that they have proper engagement with their followers.

Check the comments, likes, social shares, engagement metrics and retweets. This will give you an idea about proper engagement of the influencer. A tip to follow is that big influencers do not have the type of engagement like the micro-influencers. It happens because it is much easy to get engaged with 1,000 followers compared with 50,000 followers.

Find One, Find More

Influencer marketing is a tough task and requires hard work to get maximum results. To get the most out of your results, you will have to develop a different strategy and connect with other lookalike micro-influencers.

You can start with one particular influencer, but cannot depend on that sole influencer for long. It is necessary to build an army of micro-influencers which can provide you the impact you are looking for. To generate results you can either pay a group of micro-influencers or pay a single influencer per tweet.

Work With the Relevant Ones, Not Just the Popular Ones

Let’s understand this with an example: For selling fashion apparel you approach a YouTube prankster who has a demographic of 10- to 25-year-old boys. Is this audience relevant to what you are selling?

Even if the influencer has millions of subscribers and every video gets millions of views, the ROI will be less. It’s time to find a right influencer who specializes in your niche and can boost your ROI.

Find a Network of Linked Micro-influencers

A simple technique is to find a network of linked micro-influencers as they tend to interact frequently with each other by sharing posts and leaving comments on the posts. This can provide a social proof when the customer arrives and takes a look at the post.

Show Some Respect and Love

Show some love! One of the key part in influencer marketing. Dump boring emails. Instead, show them you respect their post and value their time. Do show them why you love working with them; explain clearly why a particular micro-influencer is best for them.

Final Thoughts

The key to shine at influencer marketing, when micro-influencers are involved is to show some marvellous value to them. Try to avoid being pushy and do provide some value. Quality will always beat quantity.

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