24 ways on how to increase your twitter followers (Part 2)

  • By Varun Tyagi

This is the second part of the post 24 ways on how to your number Twitter followers. You can also check out our earlier post: 24 ways on how to increase your number Twitter followers (part one). This second part will consist of points, 9 to 16:

24 ways on How to increase your number of Twitter followers (part two)

  • Take the help of Twiends to search for new Twitter users you can associate with. Once you are on the platform, other users having similar interests would be able to search and follow you.

Source: Zacjohnson.com

  • Use a headshot as your profile picture and not your logo. Show your follower’s that they are following a real person by using your photo.


  • Refer to users in your tweets. When replying to other users, try to @mention them. People are likely to engage with your tweets if you have mentioned their name.

Source: Talenalexander

  • Use Social Mention, a tool to find out what others Twitter users are saying about your industry or brand. Answer to questions wherever it is necessary.

Source: Woorank

Source: Support.twitter.com

  • Join in Twitter chats. It is a great way to increase your engagement with your followers. Do follow people whom you meet in Twitter chat and chances are that they will follow you too.


  • Request your email subscribers to follow you on Twitter as well. Give them an insight of what they will get if they will follow you on Twitter.


  • Schedule your tweet between 1 pm and 3 pm, the interval during which  Twitter traffic is at its peak.


This was the part two of 24 ways on how to increase your number of Twitter followers. Share your views below in the comment section. Part three of this series 24 ways on how to increase your number of Twitter followers will be coming soon.

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