24 Free Ways To Gain Instagram Followers (Part-1)

  • By Varun Tyagi

If you are just beginning on Instagram, posting pictures can be a daunting task. When your hard work and excitement is measured by only few likes and followers, you will get disheartened easily.

This article will provide you with 24 ideas to increase instagram followers and making them to interact with your posts which is divided in three parts. This is part one which will have 8 free ways to get Instagram followers. The ideas which are given below mainly focus on engagement and that is why long-lasting engagements lead to followers. Just keep in mind that engagement is your fundamental goal.

  • Use hashtags which are used to increase your followers. #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, #followback, etc.

Source: Scoopempire

  • Like hundreds of random photos from the people in your target audience. Neil Patel, with the help of this tactic found that for every 100 likes, he got 6.1 more followers.


  • Organise a contest on Instagram. The easiest way to organise a contest is to post a picture promoting the contest and ask people to like the picture in order to enter the contest.

Source: Promos.watimbox.com

  • Promote your Instagram account on various social media profiles. Just let your followers know what they will get after following you.


  • Post pictures at 5 pm or 2 am. A study has shown that these are the best effective times to post.

Source: Huffington post

  • Quality beats quantity which means edit your account to have only best images. No one wants to follow someone with thousands of useless images of random shots.


  • Stay consistent. Know who you are posting for and why are you posting. Stay consistent on how you use the platform and your followers will grow organically.


  • Use calls to action in photo captions. Keep your followers engaged by telling them to take additional action. For example, feel free to share your views in the comment section.

Source: Makesyoulocal

This concludes the part one of 24 free ways to Instagram followers. Share your views and click here for part Two-24 free ways to get Instagram followers.

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