8 Digital Marketing Trends to Consider in 2017

  • By Varun Tyagi
Digital Marketing has grown in popularity in 2016 with most of the businesses creating their presence through social media sites & channels. The next question among the community is that what to expect in the year 2017? There are some marketers which believe that the internet space might expand further with plenty of companies will enter the digital world. Some others will say that there would be a whole makeover on how a search engine will give weight to a large amount of data which is available on the internet. This post will make it easier for the user to know the upcoming 10 digital marketing techniques to follow in 2017 which would your main famous to express effective online campaigns & digital marketing strategies.

Social Media Conversion is Reaching its Tipping Point

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There are so many articles which are there on the power of social media. In 2017, the online communities will not only remain to only attracting customers instead they will also provide the opportunities to increase the conversion rates. It is the same for e-commerce websites & social media will work as new conversion channels & will also provide tools to convert your prospects into buyers.

Dedicated Apps Will Come into Play

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Applications will offer all the important features of a website and more, and in a more accessible way. Google also offers app indexing which will bring plenty of advantages to having a dedicated app. It is still a long way for apps to replace websites completely & 2017 will be the year mobile app development will take an essential mobile app development.

Video Ads Will Continue to Dominate

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Video advertisements are not a new thing for social media giants such as Facebook & YouTube. Google will enter with in-SERP video advertising will also change the complete spectrum of the whole online advertisement.

Google Search Algorithm Will Change

Important ranking factors in Google' algorithm for 2017 by firstpagesage

The search engine algorithms will change whether if you like it or not. There is plenty of information which gets added on internet everyday & to know which information should be kept the search engine will keep the algorithms updated. So, the content which has value will get ranked higher in SERPs & the others won’t. The only strategy that works is to remain innovative, helpful & informative. The digital marketers should not give importance to only Google’s algorithm but to also Facebook & Bing’s algorithm.

Online Advertising Will be More Costly

We can see incredible growth in the digital marketing over the past years. It means to get the space for online dominance, the competition will get tougher. When the demand arises for top advertising posts, the price will also likely to increase. There are some marketers which consider that PPC will go out of fashion in near future & there will be more enhanced advertisement alternatives which will rule in future.

High-quality, Original Content Will be in Demand

Content is often considered as ‘king’ in digital marketing & it remains an important part of online marketing in present & also in the years to come. Nowadays, there are large arrival professional writers which will make content marketing more cut-throat.  The main aim of writers is to write interactive, high-quality & unique content to which readers can get connect with. There would be a vast demand for the niche-based writers.

Growth Hacking Will be the Key

http://giphy.com/gifs/real-time-CnxJ8f5za8p3y Growth hacking will gain more importance in 2017. The requirement for the digital marketers to take their audiences attention via different methods such as organic ads, social media channels & viral marketing will take the growth hacking to a new level in 2017.

Year of Smart Devices & Wearable Technology

We have seen many smart devices like Google Glass, Moto 360, Apple iWatch & different devices which keep you connected with the digital world. This year will also see the rise of these devices & it can reduce the difference between ‘real’ and ‘online’ marketing. What are your expectations for 2017? You can share your thoughts about the trends in digital marketing for the coming year in the comment section.

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