If you’re looking to amp up your digital marketing knowledge and connect with the best brains in the industry, 2017 could very well be your year. 2016 saw some really great digital marketing events, and 2017 looks to be even more exciting. With multitudes of events lined up in 2017, it could be difficult to figure out which marketing conferences should you be prioritizing. Don’t worry, here’s a list of the digital marketing conference worth checking out this year:-

1Hero Conf: April 18-20 (Los Angeles)

If you want to learn especially about pay-per-click marketing, then this event is for you. Make connections with the best guys in PPC business and learn how to organize your PPC campaign as which trends can help you get more conversions.

2Marketing Nation: April 23-26 (San Francisco)

Marketing Nation’s four-day event will provide you with knowledge you need to improve the way you deal with the customers and will get you better results from your digital marketing efforts. There would be some big names which will include previous year’s speakers Will Smith and Arianna from Huffington, plus 6k+ marketers, which pretty much makes this a must-attend event.  

3C2 Montreal: May 24-26 (Montreal, QC)

Much as its host city, C2 Montreal is a combination of commerce and creativity. This three-day business conference will focus on exploring the latest digital trends. The conference is designed to push its participants to think outside the box about their business. C2 Montreal guarantees to challenge the way you think about digital marketing.  

4WistiaFest: June 11-13 (Boston)

This event is organized by Wistia, and is touted as the coming together of the greatest minds in video marketing. WisitiaFest will teach you everything you wanted to know about video marketing and will also include discussions on future trends. The centre point of most discussions, however, remains to create ludicrously productive videos for your business. WistiaFest is bound to be a visual knowledge fest!  

5MozCon: July 17-19 (Seattle)

MozCon is held by the search engine marketing powerhouse Moz. The conference is for participants willing to build up their search marketing game and learn what’s trending in the world of SEO, community building and social media directly from the industry leaders.  

6Content Marketing World: September 5-8 (Cleveland)

This conference is a gold mine for the content writers anywhere on the planet. Content Marketing World is focused on forthcoming content marketing trends and discussions around innovative ideas for content marketers and strategists. Content Marketing World is the melting pot of the most brilliant brains in content marketing from across the world.  

7B2B Forum: October 3-6 (Boston)

B2B Forum assures to be the knowledge hub you need to build a kickass marketing strategy. Ann Handly will take care of this conference plus it is also a once in a lifetime opportunity to network with B2B businesses across the world. This is a unique event that provides the participants with full-day workshops on various marketing related topics.  

8RD Summit: November 2017 (Brazil)

It is the biggest marketing event in Latin America. With more than 5,000 attendees, 50 exhibitors and 120 presentations, RD Summit is the largest sales strategy and inbound marketing event of its kind. Whoever said that Brazil was all about fun!

9Dreamforce: November 6-9 (San Francisco)

Last year, Dreamforce conference attracted nearly 200,000 attendees from over 83 countries. Organized by Salesforce, Dreamforce promises to provide you with the knowledge you need to increase your marketing ROI. With over 2,000 sessions, this conference is a dream come true for every marketing and sales professional.

10Internet Summit: November 15-16 (Raleigh)

Internet Summit is a forum which brings together thought leaders in the field of digital commerce. If you are looking for pragmatic solutions, user experience strategies, and analytics tips, this is the place where you should be. You should get ready to network with world’s leading brands such as AOL, The Onion and Facebook. Whether you are a PPC manager, SEO buff or content marketer, these conferences promise to build your knowledge bank and professional network.  Is there any marketing conference missing from this list? Share it in the comment section.


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